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20 05 2010

Welcome to “After Midnight,” a blog dedicated to the greatest movie showtime in existence – midnight!

Cult films, B-movies, midnight flicks, and their ilk have long been a keen interest of mine. I regularly attend midnight movies at my local art house, own several “lost” (often for a good reason) cult/exploitation/grindhouse flicks on DVD, and am one of the biggest MST3K fans on the planet. This blog aims to not only serve as a love letter for the quirky black sheep of the Hollywood family, but to provide a space for analysis, discussion, and information on one of cinema’s longest running trends.

“After Midnight” will primarily have information about upcoming cult film screenings (namely in the DC area) as well as news on growing cult film trends. There will also be movie reviews, midnight screening reviews, film analysis, reviews of flicks that I find on DVD, and other oddities that come with the midnight movie territory. Be sure to keep checking back for updates, including information on screenings of “The Room” with Tommy Wiseau, various “Rocky Horror” endeavors, working my way through the “20 Cult Classics” DVD I purchased, and other midnight movie forays. To the midnight hour!




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16 07 2010

Philip Haldiman (The Room’s own Denny) was awesome enough to get in front of the camera once again. He did some improvised scenes with my troupe. http://www.vimeo.com/13381406

Please let me know what you think!

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