Beware the Killer Tire: Rubber (2010)

21 05 2010

While a film usually needs to be released before it gains cult/midnight status, this blog will also focus on genre flicks that have the potential to at least find their way into the midnight circuit. As such, “After Midnight’s” inaugural post (aside from the intro) would like to introduce the upcoming film Rubber.

From, Rubber is about “a psychopathic car tire with telepathic powers named Robert.” Arrow in the Head gives more details, stating, Rubber is the story of a tire named Robert who, after discovering a pile of burning tires, decides to avenge his people by blowing up people’s heads … like tires.” Yup, Robert the tire, going on a homicidal rampage by making people (and animals) die via “his” mind. No, I couldn’t be more stoked. Check out Robert working his dastardly magic in the clip below:

Deadline is taking the expected route and mocking the film’s acquisition, saying that its pick-up is a signal that it’s a slow week at Cannes. I couldn’t disagree more. Yes, the film looks silly and cheesy, but I also think it’s obvious that that’s what the film is supposed to be. It’s intentionally ridiculous because that’s why people like me and other midnight movie fans go – because we revel in the lunacy of such films. Whether intentional or not, seeing a movie that is just so unbelievable, so absurd, and so campy is often refreshing and a way to mix up the movie-going experience parallel to films bent on making us believe their stories. Sometimes directors just want to make something fun, no matter how crazy and ridiculous it may be. The midnight circuit, I believe, is what most allows directors to do this.

I have a feeling that Rubber’s distributors will likely be playing up this midnight movie trait, and if they’re not planning to, then they should be. It has an audience, just not an early showtime one. Bring in laughs, encourage word of mouth, play up the campiness, because ultimately that is what promotes and sustains films such as this and, subsequently, a lot of fun in the theater.

I’m definitely adding the film to my watch list, and I’ll update the blog as I find out more release information. Until then, don’t light any tires on fire, so as to avoid death by telekinetic explosion.




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