“The Room” and Tommy Wiseau Tear Apart the AFI Silver Theater

24 05 2010

My affection for “The Room” is deep and pure. I’ve seen it four times since it made its DC debut in December 2009, and I plan to make my return after a brief hiatus either this month or next. For those not in the know on this beacon amongst cult films, a post about how amazing the movie is will come later. But for now, I just had to share the exciting news that director Tommy Wiseau will make his DC debut next June! The American Film Institute’s Silver Theater will feature five showings of “The Room” from June 11th through the 13th. I’m sure that Wiseau is pleased as punch to see his opus take its rightful place within the same theater that will be showing a restored 35 mm print of Breathless in July. I know I can’t wait to show up to this theater wearing a tie on my head.


After the event I hope to have pictures and perhaps a video of the Q&A. In the meantime, I can tell you now that I plan on asking Wiseau about the perceived misogyny within the film, and whether or not such a negative portrayal of women was in fact his intention and/or what he thinks of people viewing – and jeering – the film as incredibly sexist. I may also ask about Chris R, my favorite character, and what his back story is. So many opportunities!

Another potential future post - a tribute to Chris R, a man amongst men

In closing, I just want to say that I think it’s great that Tommy Wiseau attends these screenings. He really embraces the cult following and it’s always nice to see a director support fan followings, no matter how they manifest.

Screen caps from trailer




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