Current Cult Films/Sensations

Cult films are always given new and sustained life thanks to midnight screenings across the country, word of mouth, media buzz, etc. While certainly not all-inclusive, here is a list of current and up-and-coming midnight phenomenons as a handy placeholder amidst the blog’s entries.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a given. Chances are you know what this is if you’re on this website. Screenings take place around the country.

The Room – quickly reaching Rocky Horror proportions, this independent drama about love, betrayal, and breast cancer features participation and heckling at midnight screenings across the country, some of which even feature director Tommy Wiseau in person!

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – another rapid fire cult film featuring GIF-animated birds terrorizing California. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. The film is gaining global distribution, with director James Nguyen promoting it on every step of the way

Best Worst Movie – an upcoming documentary about cult classic Troll 2. It’s in limited release, so check your local theater listings. It’s coming to Washington, DC on July 2nd at E Street Cinema!

Keep checking back for the latest underground hits!

Any I’ve missed? Leave me a comment with some info!


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