Sorry for the Delay …

26 07 2010

Hello all. Quick post that doesn’t have much to do with midnight flicks, but serves as an apology for my negligence. I promise I’ll be posting again soon, as I still have cult movies to review, midnight screenings to attend, and a new RiffTrax Live to get tickets to! BTW, the riffed film will indeed be Reefer Madness. Should be a great one!

Expect recaps on meeting both Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero; details of seeing both Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie in one weekend; and what watching Heavy Metal in theaters was like. To the midnight hour!


Vote for the Next Rifftrax Live Flick!

28 05 2010

The geniuses behind Rifftrax are giving you the chance to influence which film they riff on next. The link below takes you to the poll, where you can choose between Reefer Madness and Jack the Giant Killer.

Vote Here!

I attended the first Rifftrax live last summer when the guys riffed Plan 9 From Outer Space and it was such a treat, being the huge MSTie that I am. I unfortunately missed the holiday special because of a final exam, but I plan to be there for this summer’s event, whichever movie is chosen! If you’re wondering, though, I voted for Reefer Madness (but don’t let that influence you).

Look for a review of Reefer Madness on this blog as I make my way through "20 Cult Classics" on DVD. Image:

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as more news on the next Rifftrax Live becomes available! Hooray for summer!